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Commercial Real Estate Services

As a licensed commercial real estate agent with APEX Capital Realty, I have spent over several years consummating complex deals guided by sharp instincts and an innate sense of possibility, refining the art of actualizing ideal commercial real estate locations where enterprises flourish.

Brett Cafferty

Commercial Real Estate Agent

My commercial real estate clients have included emerging upstarts and established brands alike, seeking new dimensions of visibility, profitability and presence. Highlights include: facilitating Kallidora Spa’s seamless entry into Manhattan’s lucrative Flatiron beauty aesthetics territory, matching gastro hub American Retro Bar and Grill with a buzzing Hell’s Kitchen space, and crafting luxury London jewelers Zameer-Kassam’s iconic New York flagship on prestigious Club Row tailored to attracting old and new money alike.

Additionally, I secured national medical spa AFL Beauty Bar an inspired Miami locale in Wynwood. Through intuitive and also data-driven counsel, I bridge the gap between commercial real estate space and the brands I’m working with, to achieve my clients’ full vision. So let’s connect today, and get started finding you the perfect commercial real estate space.






Full-Service Commercial Real Estate in Miami

As a commercial real estate advisor, I have built my career on guiding enterprises to office, retail, or industrial spaces tailored to fueling their visions. With several years navigating complex deals, I leverage hard-won expertise to secure optimal terms and locations per my clients’ short and long-term needs.

My approach emphasizes forging lasting partnerships rooted in trust, transparency, and a commitment to their wellbeing. Taking the time to understand the heart of a business guides my work aligning players big and small with the right spaces to call home.

When we work together, you gain a strategic ally who handles negotiations so you can focus on what you do best, while I position you to unlock new dimensions of visibility and presence. Most importantly I work on your company’s behalf to achieve the best possible terms. Let’s connect to explore ideal spaces ready to transform your enterprise.

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Miami Commercial Realtor

Why Choose Me

Miami and NYC Market Insights

With insider expertise cultivated from years facilitating complex commercial real estate deals in highly competitive cities like New York and Miami, I navigate all the broader, and granular details such as zoning and pricing volatility. Whether securing an optimal Manhattan flagship location or artistic Wynwood outpost, I engineer transactions aligned to brands’ sensibilities and engineered for success.


Promptness and Getting It Done

In coveted submarkets like SoHo and Brickell where demand outpaces inventory, agent responsiveness makes or breaks deals. I expertly navigate the commercial process to seize fleeting opportunities, securing desired locations on competitive terms aligned to clients’ sensibilities, guided by market analytics and intuition honed from years of consummating complex transactions.

Bespoke Real Estate Service

As an advisor serving diverse tenants and landlords, each with distinct priorities, I take care to deeply understand their individual expectations then deliver customized service. Through active listening I infer the essence of what clients require before aligning them with spaces or partners realizing their vision, whether they’re an ambitious startup, or a risk-averse investor.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does a commercial real estate agent do?

A commercial real estate agent is a licensed professional who navigates the complex world of commercial spaces. Commercial realtors advise clients on strategically buying, selling, or leasing property aligned to business goals; value assets accurately based on market drivers; market spaces to optimal tenants or buyers; negotiate favorable terms leveraging insider knowledge; and guide clients through transaction processes achieving optimal deal closure. 

Why do I need a commercial real estate agent?

In general, commercial real estate agents streamline the process for their client, and bring in their own market knowledge, and negotiating expertise to facilitate their client’s interests in the deal (be it on the tenant or landlord side of things.)

As for me, I streamline every step by leveraging honed market foresight and shrewd negotiating intuition cultivated from prior experience and commercial dealings. Whether you seek to lease, buy or sell, I work closely as your advisor to realize your vision, aligned interests, and long-term wellbeing by achieving optimal terms and identifying spaces primed for profitability. Essentially, I provide guidance so you can focus resources where they truly matter: growing your enterprise.

Who pays the commercial real estate agent?

The single biggest misconception discouraging business owners from using a commercial real estate agent is the amount of money they believe it will cost them. In actuality, the landlord typically sets aside a percentage of the commercial deal’s value specifically for their broker, and the lessee’s broker.

More than saving money, a seasoned commercial real estate agent’s negotiating expertise consistently yields significant value – my skills in navigating terms and timing refine what to push for and when. With an expert negotiator in your corner, I utilize years of experience to achieve optimal terms aligned to your interests.

I focus my efforts on positioning your company with the greatest advantage in challenging deals, freeing you to concentrate resources on your day-to-day operations. The upfront time and counsel I provide introduces efficiency into an otherwise demanding process – so let’s connect on how my services distinctly serve enterprises like yours.

Which states are you licensed as in?

I am licensed as a real estate agent in Florida with APEX Capital Realty, and in New York with Cosmore Realty where I specialize in the Manhattan, and Miami commercial real estate markets.

How do we begin?

You may reach me directly over phone or email with any initial questions or to discuss your current needs. If you’d like to schedule a dedicated strategy session, you can use my Calendly link to securely book time with me online that fits your calendar. I’m looking forward to learning more about your vision and determining how my services can most effectively position your company for streamlined success, whether acquiring, selling or leasing property. Let the conversation begin!

Commercial Real Estate Philosophy

This U.S. Senator got his start in real estate

“Commercial real estate always trails residential, and as residential growth flourishes, shopping centers flourish and service the communities, and jobs come out.”


Johnny Isakson

U.S. Senator


What Clients Say

Brett Cafferty went above and beyond handling my first commercial real estate transaction. As a new business owner, Brett’s expertise and knowledge was invaluable.

Elena Tsiaklis

Owner, Kallidora Spa

I worked with Brett on finding my new home for my medical spa business. He has been the best agent I have ever worked with. He is professional, and he follows through promptly on EVERYTHING. He has had my back the whole time. He really put in the time and effort in finding my exact vision.

Fatema Adedrabbo

Owner, AFL Beauty Bar

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